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Somebody’s Darling at The White Horse Tavern, Austin, TX.

Last night, I went to check out Somebody’s Darling, an up and coming countryfied rock band from Dallas, that I just happen to know a couple members of (we went to high school together). It’s nice when your friends are in bands that you actually like, because it spares you the forced “yeah man that was awesome! I’ll try to come out next time…” Even if I didn’t know these guys, I’d still be a fan but, though. Lead singer, Amber Farris has a voice that’s too easy to compare to Janis Joplin. She can definitely belt ‘em out like Janis, but she also reminds me a lot of Erika Wennerstrom, of Heartless Bastards. Amber’s heartfelt, smart lyrics and delivery, combine with lead guitarist, David Ponder’s, passionate twangy rock rhythms, Nate Wedan’s superb drumming, and multi instrumental bassist, Michael Talley, currently playing a little keys, for a tremendously entertaining live show. This is a musician’s band that anyone can get into. Last night, they turned a bone dry dance floor into a sweaty collage of smiling faces here in Austin. Look for them to be doing more of the same in your city on their upcoming tour.
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